Public is the number one celebrity magazine in France owned by the Lagardère group. Currently as their leading graphic designer I am in charge of all their visuals for print. The magazine has a weekly issue, in which I often design branded promotions to drive traffic to their other platforms, like web, mobile and social media.


Social media contest : XME Watch

The visual above was created to promote an online contest, while at the same time promote Public’s Facebook page . The design was inspired by their new website, while keeping XME’s graphical chart in mind.


Promotion on the new website

Public’s website got launched in June 2017, and which we are promoting in the magazine. The challenge was to introduce the different categories that Public offers in their website, without using any digital devices in the design.

Promotion on the new teen brand

Public launched a new Teen brand called Mademoiselle Public, which promotes new fashion and make-up trends on social media.