Sabon is a leading cosmetics brand with a vast growing footprint in France. I’ve worked with Sabon for 3 years as their lead Graphic Designer in France. At Sabon I am responsible for all the visuals, both print and digital. I am working closely together with the marketing manager to create the visuals for their campaigns.


Spring collection : Citrus Blossom

For Spring I designed  a set of visuals to promote the different cosmetic products of the new collection Citrus Blossom. The image above was one of the key visuals in this campaign. It ended up being used as an asset for social media promotion, web displays, shop stands and advertisements.


Fathers Day : Blue No533

This campaign was set up to promote Fathers day in France. I used photography of the collections ‘Blue No533’ and ‘Gentleman’ to help me advertise this special day.


Sports Collection : Re-lax. Re-start. Re-born

Re-lax. Re-start. Re-born is a new sports collection that came out last summer. The design was inspired by the colourful packagings and the logo of the collection. The visual above was used for social media, web channels and store stands.