Tiqets is a platform that sells tickets to culture and entertainment worldwide. As their leading graphic designer I am in charge of all their visuals and illustration for offline and online designs.


The Tiqets Tram

Tiqets partnered up with 3 of their best venues in Amsterdam (the Rijksmuseum, the Lovers Canal Cruise and Keukenhof) to create a tram design that would promote a combi-product with all 3 venues for a reasonable price. There were also digital posters displayed around the city. The biggest challenge here was to dive deep into the 3 companies structure and graphical chart in order to create a design that satisfied each of them.

The Tiqets emails

This project involved bringing their newsletters up to speed on trends and back-end usability, while creating a more elegant design that reflected the brand values. The goal of this project was to improve traffic and click-through rates, update their outdated design and make them more attractive and user-friendly for the customers. A visually strong interface that inspires customers to continue visiting more cultural venues.

Tiqets illustrations

Tiqets is a company that uses a lot of illustrations. Their library continues to grow with different vector arts and illustration that represents venues, cities and other objects. I enjoy creating them to add a brighter and slightly more playful dimensionality to the brand and create an interesting contrast.